Jack writes about big points, the rain game and skydiving after a manic weekend in Argentina.

Hi everyone,

We’re packing up here in Argentina as I talk to you, and the team and me are both pretty happy with another top 10 result. Like every rider does, I wanted a bit more, but two top-10s in a row to start the season, I can’t be unhappy with that.

The race on Sunday was a bit lonely at times, but looking back at it, I probably made a few too many mistakes in the first laps. I was hoping to stay in the group with Jonas Folger and those guys, but they were a little bit too strong and I found myself with Scott Redding again like Qatar, and Karel Abraham after he fell back from qualifying on the front row.

I spent a lot of the race hovering around the back of the top 10, and I’d planned to have a real go at Scott at the end, I was being as patient as I could. It was a bit disappointing not to get him, I made a few attempts but just wasn’t able to get it to stick. Compared to us, that Ducati is ridiculously fast on the straights, so I didn’t have the top-end to pass him. But when you look at it, ninth – another top 10 finish too – that’s a pretty decent result, and we can take a lot away from here.

You can see the way the season is going at the moment with people crashing and whatnot, and staying on the bike and being smart is a real focus. There’s a lot of guys not scoring points at the moment, so to be seventh in the championship after two races, I’ll definitely take that. The consistency has been really good.

They’ve not been straightforward weekends either, we had all the rain and the cancelled qualifying in Qatar, and then Argentina wasn’t an easy weekend either with the weather. They’re the sorts of weekends when you can easily make a heap of mistakes and end up with nothing, so to have 15 points after two races of things not being the smoothest is pretty good. You could have so easily had none, it wouldn’t have taken much. We can be pretty happy with that, and to have some good results under our belt.

I’m a lot happier after the race than I was after qualifying – I was 17th on the grid and felt I should have been a lot higher up than that in those conditions, I was pretty dirty about it. I had really good speed in the wet, I was fifth in practice before qualy, and then didn’t do anything with it. I used the hard tyre in FP4 and was up there, and then went for the soft in qualifying and went nowhere, way too much spinning, and the tyres were no good after half a lap. It was the wrong call for sure. I pitted to change but we ran out of time, so I was pretty annoyed. Sunday helped to make up for that, but we need to get better in those sorts of situations.

I got to do one pretty cool thing in the build-up to the Argentina race – I went skydiving for the first time. Me, Yonny Hernandez from Moto2 and Jorge Martin from Moto3 did it for Red Bull, and it was something to tick off the bucket list, definitely. We got to see some different parts of Argentina too which was cool, but throwing yourself out of a plane was the highlight for sure, you definitely don’t do that every day! It was so much fun, awesome, and something I’d wanted to do my whole life really, I just didn’t get the chance to before this. I normally like being in control, all us riders are probably like that, but I wasn’t crapping myself or anything, just pretty excited to do it. We all got a massive buzz out of it.

We’re racing in Austin next, so I’ve decided to head straight from here to the US to make the most of some Californian sun to do some training and stay in the same timezone. It’s a long old hike back to Europe from Argentina, it’s five hours from Buenos Aires from here before you even leave Argentina, so at least I can cut back on the travel time. It’ll be good to get some sun (hopefully, I haven’t seen much of that lately) and hopefully we can be there around the mark again in America. I didn’t race there last year after having a pretty big crash and hurting my ankle, so it’ll be good to get back out there again on that track. I’ll talk to you from there.



This story originally appeared on redbull.com

Photos courtesy of Marc VDS