Jack writes about a Sunday in Spain that went wrong through no fault of his own.

Hi everyone,

Well, that was a crap way to end what had been a great weekend here at Jerez. Top three in Friday practice, straight into Q2 on Saturday, 10th on the grid in the dry, fourth in Sunday morning warm-up – and then out of the race six laps in when I should have scored good points.

You’ve all seen the incident with Alvaro Bautista and what happened afterwards when I pushed him after we’d crashed. I went and saw Alvaro afterwards in the box and talked to him. I also got fined 1000 Euros for what I did and yes, I know it wasn’t the right thing to do. But there was no way he was going to stop the bike. No way. He came in too hot, I was halfway into the corner and he hadn’t even turned yet, and he just cleaned me out. He’s been riding in the world championship longer than I’ve been riding a road bike, so he should know better than that.

I was just so frustrated because the first few laps were crazy with people lunging from miles back. The problem with Jerez is that there’s heaps of asphalt run-off so guys can miss the corner, run off without much penalty and then have another go later. I reckon there were three times when I got completely pushed off track by someone else when I’d hit my braking marker and they’d missed theirs.

I’d come into the weekend with six points finishes in a row looking back to last year and three top-10s in a row this year, and I was really confident of keeping that going in the race after the pace we’d shown. I did my best-ever lap of Jerez on Friday, beat that on Saturday in qualifying, and we’d done a lot of long runs on race tyres to get ready for the 27 laps. It’s hard to take the long-term view at the moment, but we did have good pace and the weekend was going great until what happened happened.

There’s not a whole lot else to say other than Le Mans can’t come soon enough. I’m staying at Jerez to test on Monday, and hopefully we get some new bits from Honda to try as well as doing some tyre testing. I then head Valencia for a wet-weather test on Wednesday, so it’s going to be a busy week. Maybe not a bad thing all things considered. We’ll keep pushing, try to have some more luck in France and get back into the points again and try to start a consistent run. I’ll next write to you from there.



This story originally appeared on redbull.com

Photos courtesy of Marc VDS.